Applications: Tools and Accessories

Stihl Broom

The powerbroom is a must to remove the grain from the turf.

Shot Follower

The shot follower is a must for perfect seams.

Loop Pile Cutter

The loop pile cutter is used to shape your synthetic turf.

Seam Jack

The seam jack is a must to set seams correctly.

Seam Roller

The seam roller will set your final seam correctly.

Turf Knife

The correct tool to rough shape your turf with


Use these shears for all fine cuts and final shaping

Hand Tamper

Use the hand tamper to fine tune the final set of your base

Carpet Kicker

The knee kicker is a must for final sets on your seams.

Drop Spreader

Use the drop spreader to spread the infill sand

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