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For a Commercial Project

How do I choose the correct turf for a commercial project?

The most important factor that will determine which turf you choose for a commercial project would be: “How much traffic will this area take?” If this is a heavy traffic area, you should choose one of the following products:

If it is going to be a medium to low traffic area you should choose one of the following products:

If you have an area that is 100% for beautification and will only receive mild traffic, you should choose one of the following products:

I am doing a pet area for a community:

When choosing a pet product it is VERY important that you look for an artificial turf that is made specifically for pets. The height and construction of the blades are important in determining the ease of  clean up and how urine flows through the turf. Imperial Synthetic turf has 2 products to choose from:

The Pro is our top end product with a unique backing that offers additional drainage (50% more than normal backing). It is also produced in our unique Summer Blend color to match a mid-summer lawn in California. It is a 1” tall product with clear urethane backing (CUB) to allow for maximum drainage.

The Basic is our budget product with a normal urethane backing that drains at 55 gallons per hour per square yard. This is also a 4 colored lawn that mimics a typical California fescue lawn. The Pet Pride basic is 1 ¼” tall in height.

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