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My client wants the best of best pet turf:

The Pet Pride Pro is the highest quality pet turf available in the market, built with our proprietary Summer Blend color . This artificial turf was carefully crafted with the highest quality polyethylene tall blades and thatch, to give you the most durable and an authentic looking lawn. A pile height of at least 1”ensures you have the easiest clean up possible. Our unique backing allows maximum drainage through the turf and into the base without compromising the quality and durability.

Your ideal choices are:

My client wants a budget friendly pet turf:

Pet Pride Basic is the ideal artificial turf for budget minded pet owners. Also made with polyethylene blades and thatch, this is the best alternative to our Pet Pride Pro. Pet Pride Turf comes in the unique and very popular darker blend, flawlessly imitating the look of California fescue, the most common lawn in our state. The height of the blade at 1 ¼” continues to allow you a very easy clean up.

Your ideal choices are:

My client wants to know if the Pet Pride products will work for both kids and pets?

Yes, both will work. However, if you are looking for “built in safety” for your kids to play and a surface that will handle falls, we recommend you consider one of our heavier face weight lawns. Go here. If the kids will not be playing and falling on the lawn, any of the Pet Pride products will work perfect.

How important is the backing I choose for my client's pet project?

Backing is very important. You should look for an artificial turf that can drain at least 45 gallons of water per square yard per hour or more to ensure a quick ‘flow through’ of liquids. Be careful with products that claims to have a ‘free flow’ of liquids through the backing, this type of backing will likely compromise the ability of the backing to hold the turf in place.

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