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I am working on a bocce ball court project:

When you are doing a bocce ball court the 2 most important factors are:

  • The speed of the court
  • What does it take to maintain the surface

Imperial Synthetic Turf understands what it takes to build a correct bocce ball court: speed & durability. We have developed Imperial SofPlay, the ultimate bocce ball surface that has very minimal maintenance and the correct speed. Our foam backing is very important to stop the fibers from crushing where the ball lands when the player releases it. Furthermore, our unique Polyethylene blend will ensure your client always has the perfect surface, year round. All what is needed to keep it clean is a leaf blower.

Your ideal choices are:

I am working on an indoor soccer facility:

When you are looking at working on an indoor soccer facility, it is very important that you keep your eye on SAFETY and how a soccer ball will react on the surface. Most indoor facilities are on a concrete floor which can be harmful to the players. Imperial Synthetic Turf understands this and has developed our Imperial ProPlay to overcome this very issue. Our Imperial ProPlay comes with a foam pad that is already attached to the turf. This foam pad gives the players the correct under-footing forgiveness. Furthermore, the Imperial ProPlay surface has been constructed in a way to ensure the ball will bounce similar to real grass while the speed of the ball remains authentic.

Your ideal choices are:

I am working on a baseball batting cage:

When it comes to doing a batting cage you are mainly looking for a green surface that will mimic the bounce and speed of real grass. Also, our Imperial SofPlay offers a 5mm foam backing which gives the player additional softness and protection versus a concrete floor.  Our Imperial SofPlay will serve all the required needs.

Your ideal choices are:

I am working on an indoor baseball teaching facility:

The biggest question to answer here will be what type of practice will be done at the facility. Here are your scenario’s:

  • If the facility is offering fielding practice you should consider covering this area with Imperial ProPlay for an authentic bounce AND for the safety of the players, which is achieved through the foam backing. Outfit the batting cages in Baseball Basics if the client needs to save some money on the facility as a whole.
  • If the facility is a budget conscience project, outfit the complete facility in Baseball Basics, be sure to let your client know, there is no ‘built in safety’ in the Baseball Basics.

Your ideal choices are:

I am working on a croquet court:

When you are dealing with a croquet court the following are the most important factors:

  • The speed of the court
  • Durability
  • How easy is it to maintain and keep clean

Imperial Synthetic Turf has developed a surface that has been approved by a croquet world champion. This surface has the correct speed and you only need a leaf blower to keep it clean.

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