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The industry leader in synthetic turf, made by professionals for professionals.
We offer FREE delivery to your job site from our 22 fully-stocked locations throughout California.

Imperial’s range of synthetic turf will cater to all your business needs.



Don’t Settle For Substitutes

Our synthetic turf system allows for a cleaner and safer environment; harmful and dangerous substances are easily identified and removed. With our system, there is no longer an exposure to potentially harmful chemicals like: fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, or other landscape chemicals.

Offering unrivaled quality, outstanding value, and elegant beauty, our range of synthetic lawns will exceed every expectation.

Team of Experts

Bring your favorite course to your backyard. Henry will tell you more about the different types of putting green surfaces Imperial Synthetic Turf offers on today’s #turftips.

Base building is just as important when it comes to putting green! Sean will tell you more about building the perfect putting green for your customers on today’s #turftips.

Avoid that bright green line! Henry will tell you how to perfect your seam on today’s #turftips.


Unmatched Service

IST is focused on helping our contractors find the right turf for your project. As a division of Imperial Sprinkler Supply, our employees will give you the highest quality service, care and professionalism.

Helping You Grow

Our large fleet of delivery trucks allows IST to deliver your synthetic turf order exactly when you need it. Call for details about FREE delivery.

Experienced Technical Support

Contractors have full access to our team of industry experts; always available to answer all of your questions about turf selection, turf design, installation, aftercare opportunities, and troubleshooting.

Investing In You

Ask about our training opportunities where you can learn proper sales techniques, quoting, design, project management, customer service or become CAst Installation Certified. IST is committed to helping you succeed in this growing artificial turf industry.

The Best Products In The Industry

Our complete range of the highest quality products has been expertly designed to allow you to cater to all possible applications; residential lawns, commercial landscape, playgrounds, pet areas, golf, and indoor sports.

Buy Direct

Our product range is exclusively designed to provide you the highest quality and widest range at the lowest price.

Industry-Leading Customer Service
Free Delivery
Synthetic Turf Experts
Free Contractor Training
The Industry's Best Products
Competitive Pricing

We Work For Our Contractors

At Imperial Synthetic Turf, you will get the highest quality products, at competitive pricing with unrivaled customer service, training, and installation support.

We do not cater to end-users. Our aim and purpose are to grow and develop our contractors by providing industry-leading service and training opportunities.

Synthetic turf is a lifestyle choice.

We honor contractor pricing.

That’s right!

Synthetic Turf is a Smart Business

With growing popularity, people are recognizing the savings from reduced watering and embracing the positive environmental impact. The many synthetic turf blends available today make it a desirable choice for a large variety of applications. Synthetic turf is no longer just a drought solution, it is a lifestyle choice.

Synthetic turf is a proven landscape solution in all regions, not only those affected by a drought. For example, Florida and Texas both see significant rains and are the second and third-largest markets for synthetic turf. California is currently the largest market with over 50 million square feet of synthetic turf being installed each year. The California market is expected to witness substantial growth over the coming years.

Contractors will have full access to a team of industry experts to answer all your questions about turf selection, turf design, installation, aftercare opportunities, and any troubleshooting.

We carry a full complement of synthetic turf products; residential lawns, commercial landscape, pet areas, playgrounds, golf and indoor sports. Our central warehouse and all supporting ISS branches are designed to get your orders to you on time.