Benefits of the Synthetic Turf Business

The Industry

Synthetic turf was created as an alternative to natural grass back in the 1960's. Shortly thereafter, it became a household name when the Houston Astro’s installed synthetic turf as their stadium playing field; coining the phrase "Astro-Turf". In the decades since, synthetic turf has undergone many design and technological enhancements, allowing for the superior turf offered today.

Modern synthetic turf offers an equivalent look and feel to natural grass, affording a wide variety of applications and uses. Today, synthetic turf is provided in a multitude of colors, pile heights, blade shapes, and densities.

A Lifestyle Choice For Your Clients

Synthetic turf has proven to be a viable and functional landscape option in all regions of the U.S., no longer viewed as just a drought-tolerant solution for a beautiful outdoor space, but as a practical and elegant lifestyle choice. Because of this, California is currently the largest synthetic turf market in the United States with over 50 million square feet installed each year. With the continued substantial growth expected in the California market, along with statewide water restrictions, and the growing popularity of positive-impact lawn solutions, the synthetic turf business model has never been stronger.


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Training and Certification

Imperial Synthetic Turf offers CAst certification training; teaching professional installation techniques as well as,
business development training, all designed to support and benefit your synthetic turf business.

Choosing the proper tools
Proper Seaming
Installation Preparation
Professional Finishing

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