Is Synthetic Turf a Viable Business?

Industry Background

Synthetic turf first became known as an alternative to natural grass back in the 1960’s when the Houston Astro’s first installed artificial turf as their playing surface. This is where the term Astro Turf originated. Since then, artificial turf has gone through many cycles and improved dramatically with each life cycle.

Today’s synthetic turf offers a look and feel that is indistinguishable from natural grass and offers many advantages. Artificial turf is offered in a wide variety of colors and pile heights. You can also choose from many different densities;high density for a softer lawn, lower density for beautification projects.

Is synthetic turf a real business opportunity for me and my business? Yes!

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Is synthetic turf only a drought solution?

Synthetic turf is a proven landscape solution in all regions, not only those affected by a drought. For example, Florida and Texas both see significant rains and are the second and third biggest markets for synthetic turf. California is currently the largest market with over 50 million square feet of synthetic turf being installed each year. The California market is expected to witness substantial growth over the coming years. California water restrictions have certainly played to some of the benefits that artificial turf features. With growing popularity, people are recognizing the savings from reduced watering and embracing the positive environmental impact. The many synthetic turf blends available today make it a desirable choice for a large variety of applications. Synthetic turf is no longer just a drought solution, it is a lifestyle choice.

Is synthetic turf right for my current business?

Yes! Your customers and prospects are asking for and about it. With IST as your partner, you will be offering a valuable solution that the market is demanding..

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Why Imperial Synthetic Turf?

  • Buy Direct: Buy direct from the source that provides the product range, training, support, and pricing your business deserves. Our product range is exclusive and designed to provide you the highest quality and widest range at the lowest price.
  • We Work For Our Contractors: At Imperial Synthetic Turf (IST), it’s all about the contractor. As an IST contractor you have the price protection that protects you from end users cutting into your business. IST is your committed partner and provider, never your competition.
  • The Most Complete Product Range In The Industry: IST takes great pride in our unmatched product range. Our complete range of the highest quality and exclusive products has been expertly selected to allow you to cater to all your possible applications; residential lawns, commercial landscape, playgrounds, pet areas, golf and indoor sports.
  • Unmatched Customer Service: IST is focused on helping our contractors fid the right turf for your project. As a division of Imperial Sprinkler Supply, our employees will give you the highest quality service, care and professionalism.
  • One Stop Shop: IST is your complete synthetic turf supplier. We also carry a full line of installation tools and supplies that will be required for any installation project. IST offrs you the convenience of a one stop shop, providing you a time savings solution ensuring a simplifid project, it’s all here

  • Large Selection Of On-Hand Inventory: We carry a full complement of synthetic turf products; residential lawns, commercial landscape, pet areas, playgrounds, golf and indoor sports. Our central warehouse and all supporting ISS branches are designed to get your orders to you on time.
  • No Job Too Big Or Small: IST has no minimum order size. Big or small, your project is handled as a top priority
  • Reliable Service: Our investment in inventory, multiple branches throughout California, and our large flet of delivery trucks allow IST to deliver your synthetic turf order in a timely manner. Call for details about FREE delivery.
  • Complete & Experienced Technical Support: Contractors will have full access to a team of industry experts to answer all your questions about turf selection, turf design, installation, aftercare opportunities and any trouble shooting.
  • Complete Sales & Business Training: IST can help you with all aspects of your synthetic turf business. Ask about our CAst Certifiation where you will learn proper sales techniques, quoting, design, project management and customer service. IST is committed to helping you succeed in this growing artifiial turf industry.

Let’s look at some facts:

  • Synthetic turf is the fastest growing segment of the landscape industry.
  • In the year 2000, Californians had about 1 million square feet of synthetic turf installed, in 2016 Californians had about 50 million square feet of synthetic turf installed.
  • Only about 15% of people know about synthetic turf. This is still the ground floor of this industry.
  • Synthetic turf is very much part of the Californian lifestyle today and it is here to stay.
  • In 2015, the combined square footage of synthetic turf applications on residential lawns, commercial landscape, play-grounds and pet facilities surpassed the synthetic turf usage on athletic fields.

Why do consumers install synthetic turf?

  • More play less work

Lawns are meant to be enjoyed. Imperial Synthetic Turf products quickly allow the home owner a solution that reduces weekly maintenance. Eyesore areas produced by high traffic, such as walkways and play areas are no longer an ongoing maintenance issue.

  • Perfect yards and landscapes year round

IST’s broad product range will help them find their path to perfect green year round.

  • Money saving

The drought has caused all of us to carefully consider our rising water bills. IST offers a wide variety of solutions that can quickly address this issue. On average a synthetic lawn can pay for itself in as little as 4 years.

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  • Water saving

An IST lawn or play area will immediately reduce your water usage. Synthetic turf has an Eco-friendly benefit; synthetic turf does not require any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or landscape chemicals. Rainwater simply and cleanly runs through the IST turf drainage system into its natural cycle.

  • Carbon emissions are an issue for many

Once the turf is installed, the use of any carbon emitting equipment is minimized due the reduced maintenance schedule (no gas powered mowers or trimmers).

  • A clean and safe family friendly environment

With easy maintenance and overall beautification, harmful or dangerous objects are quickly identified and removed. The Eco-friendly nature of the IST synthetic turf means families are not exposed to any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or landscape chemicals.

  • Pet friendly households

IST pet products are designed to provide the best drainage and offer easy clean-up. The Pet Pro offerings ensure a lawn that is free of worn pet paths and eliminates the tracking of debris into your home that lead to costly clean up situations.

  • Allergy concerns

There are countless people and pets that suffer from allergies. Natural grass is one of the most common causes of pollen allergies.

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