Poa Annua Pro

We Bring Your Golf Game Home

Imperial Synthetic Turf takes great pride in the fact that all our golf products were developed by golfers, for golfers. The Golf Time turfs combine the two most important factors for an authentic golf surface; speed and color. Our texturized nylon blends and our polypropylene blend are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards. Many years of research (and playing the game) has afforded us the ability to give our clients the most authentic golf experience in the industry.


Our golf surfaces are designed to cater to golfers on all levels: from professional golfers to weekend warriors to the occasional golfer who wants the ultimate practice area, our golf turf products will take your game to the next level. All of our putting surfaces have antimicrobial backing and they are pet friendly.

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  ist anti_microb  15-year  

Poa Annua Pro


Stimp speed: 9

Ideal for all golfers that want to have a perfect putting surface and hit balls from 50 yards or less onto the green.