Kid’s Play

Safety and Performance

This ultimate playground turf was specifically developed with the safety of children in mind; safety and performance were the top priorities. The Kid’s Play construction and our signature thatch ensure it will take heavy traffic and have the ability to absorb falls while maintaining a natural look. Our S blade design is a 4 -color combination (solid green, clover, olive green, and tan thatch), giving the look of a late Spring lawn, full of new growth and life.


Built for play, tumbles, and budgets. Safety and durability are our highest priorities when it comes to your projects. This unique design and construction will greatly reduce your aftercare.

  • Kid's Play will eliminate mud and debris coming back into your buildings.
  • Kid's Play will cushion falls reducing the chance for injury.
  • Kid's Play is chemical-free; eliminating landscaping chemicals around children.
  • Perfect year-round playing conditions.

Kid's Play


Whether you’re installing a commercial playground or a local family daycare play area, Kid’s Play construction will take heavy traffic and has the ability to absorb falls, while maintaining a natural look.

Turf Cushion 1

Turf Cushion

When choosing a playground turf, you must always keep your eye on safety. In an area that features playground equipment or where sports are played, we recommend adding Imperial Synthetic Turf’s unique foam Turf Cushion™ that offers a fall rating of up to 12’, keeping safety as a priority for active and adventurous kids. Turf Cushion™ synthetic turf underlay can be used in playgrounds, indoor play areas, pet play areas, rooftops, home and patio surfaces, climbing walls, plus much more.


Colored Turf

Ask about adding colors to the playground, it adds a lot of life and games for the kids.


WonderFill Infill Sand

Add our WonderFilll infill sand to keep your playground microbial and allergenic free. WonderFill can be used to infill artificial lawns, playgrounds, and putting greens. WonderFill has a special coating that includes Zinc Omadine ZOE Antimicrobial to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This infill is less abrasive than other infills due to its shape.