Our Coronado product line features a soft, thin denier polyethylene face fiber with numerous features. This product line is one of our most popular and comes in 4 different constructions; Coronado, Coronado Premium, Coronado Platinum, and Coronado Play.


  • Heat reduction technology to keep it cooler than other turf products
  • A delustering additive to reduce fiber sheen
  • An engineered, 3-dimensional cross-section to improve aesthetics and resiliency
  • Approximately 40% more individual fibers per square foot than typical artificial grass products
  • Soy-based BioCel polyurethane coating that replaces petroleum polyols with renewable, soy polyols
  • An antimicrobial to help mitigate odors from pets



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Coronado Premium


Coronado Premium is a 2.0”, 127 oz product that provides a longer natural grass appearance. It is most frequently used in residential applications but can be suitable in commercial projects as well.


Coronado Platinum


Coronado Platinum is a 1.625”, 127 oz product that provides a manicured appearance and very dense construction. It is frequently used for residential, commercial, playground, and golf applications.




Coronado is a 2.0”, 107 oz product. It has a natural appearance and is most popular for residential landscapes.