Imperial Rye

Comfort and Durability

This popular S Blade design has that perfect green & olive blend, inspired by the darker color of natural Ryegrass. The unique thick blade construction is tightly packed together, giving Imperial Rye a built-in cushion and comfortable feel. An excellent choice for any landscape, playground, and pet area that can take heavy traffic with minimal aftercare.


This S Blade design delivers durability and a natural heavier body surface for high traffic and minimal aftercare. This design gives you the lowest amount of sheen for a lush green lawn. Ideal for those seeking a cost-effective and multi-use turf that is equivalent to natural Ryegrass.


Imperial Rye 90


This S Blade turf delivers a natural heavier body surface for high-traffic and minimal aftercare. The polypropylene green and tan thatch provide one of the plushest surfaces.


Imperial Rye 66


An ideal pick for moderate traffic or small playgrounds. A cost-effective choice for a lush family yard and play area.


Imperial Rye 50


A popular choice for backyard settings and beautification projects. This product is often used for low traffic commercial projects