Platinum Heatmaxx

IST Exclusive

Our Platinum Heatmaxx is the only turf on the market guaranteed not to melt from sun reflection. This revolutionary technology is also antimicrobial and offers Kwik Flow backing; the only 505 gallon per hour, per square yard drain rate in the industry. Having 4 colors in the face gives you the most realistic look available.


No melt technology combined with the only antimicrobial backing system available anywhere offers you the cleanest and safest synthetic turf system around.

Platinum Heatmaxx 90

Platinum Heatmaxx 90


Platinum Heatmaxx 90 is our signature no-melt* product. The 90-ounce weight offers a thick and lush construction that was designed for play and comfort. *Won't melt due to sun reflection.

Heatmaxx 65 Flipped corner

Platinum Heatmaxx 65


Platinum Heatmaxx 65 is our premium no-melt* product.  The 65-ounce weight offers a full body that was designed for moderate play and traffic. *Won't melt due to sun reflection.

Heatmaxx 47 flipped corner

Platinum Heatmaxx 47


Platinum Heatmaxx 47 is our select no-melt* product. The lightest weight of the series at 47-ounces is ideal for beautification projects. *Won't melt due to sun reflection.