Bel Aire

Plush and Soft

Bel Aire is our leading imported product for all landscape-related projects, playgrounds, or pet areas. Bel Aire is our plush and full-bodied turf with a 4 color blend, delivering one of the most sought-after colors. A combination of 1 part spring green, 2 parts field green, plus the unique introduction of polypropylene brown and green thatch gives the appearance of a new growth summer lawn. Our Flat Diamond shaped blade gives you the softest feel.


Ideal for all landscaping projects. The tall pile height and tufting gauge make this well suited for playgrounds and outdoor living areas. Our Flat Diamond shaped blade design gives you one of the softest natural feeling products. This highly sought after rich green color, deep pile height and soft plush construction is ideal for projects seeking that upscale look


Bel Aire 94


This soft, heavy weight has beauty and safety built-in. Ideal for those seeking a full body and lush feel. This product can stand heavy traffic, while our unique spring blend colors make this lawn look alive and healthy.


Bel Aire 70


A popular choice when looking for lawns where kids play. Keeping many of the performance features of the Signature 90 and maintains the unique color.


Bel Aire 50


One of our most popular beautification products. A shorter blade that holds the plush and full-bodied look of Bel Aire.