California Royal

Where Beauty Meets Authenticity

California Royal is our signature product; offering summer blend colors, it is the perfect match for an early summer California lawn. The finer blades are designed to simulate native grasses and the full body of Californian Royal presents the realistic look and the lush feel of any living lawn.


The Californian Royal’s blade features a unique Multi-C design which is engineered to greatly reduce sheen, resulting in a cooler and more authentic-looking lawn. The fiber design, pile height, and tufting gauge produce the plushest and most luxurious lawn on the market. California Royal is a world-class turf with California indulgence.


California Royal 89


The unique construction of this top-of-the-line turf gives the appeal of a beautiful and authentic yard. Featuring our Multi-C Blade system, Californian Royal provides a lush look and a natural safety cushion.


Californian Royal 69


Experience the beauty and natural feel of a low-cut lawn while enjoying the many features of our Multi-C Blade system that provides a lush look and a natural safety cushion.