The Imperial Synthetic Turf system is much more than an artificial lawn.  We live in a time where the natural resources around us need to be conserved.  Water, one of our most precious natural resources, that is vital to all landscaping should be more thoughtfully managed.  An artificial lawn offers a creative solution for smarter water management. Increased smart water management is needed, according to NASA, which reported the following on June 16, 2015:

Two new NASA studies led by researchers from the University of California Irvine and published Tuesday show that the depletion of global groundwater resources, due to the dueling impacts of global warming and growing human demand, has caused the world’s water supply to drop to dangerous levels.

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Bottom line, our water resources are being reduced every day.  One of the ways we can help this situation is to reduce our use of water AND to do all what we can to return water back to the earth as clean as we can.  This is where the Imperial Synthetic Turf system comes into play:

Our system allows you to let rain water return back to the earth as clean as it fell from the sky.  In the case of real grass the water takes herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer with it into the ground.  With our system the water returns to the ground as clean as it falls from the sky.

Furthermore, with our system you will reduce carbon monoxide emissions due to the reduced need to maintain natural grass by using gas powered equipment.  This helps to keep our air cleaner.

Do your part to help the planet stay wet and green.