While the rain is very much needed and will help the state of California, synthetic or artificial turf is expected to see continued growth. Letโ€™s look at 2 very important facts:

#1. One should look at the synthetic business in the Florida, Texas, and New York, which represent the 2nd through 4th of the largest artificial turf markets. Each of these states is not generally affected by drought conditions or have recovered from regional drought conditions, yet continue to be some of the top markets for synthetic turf.

#2. In the year 2000 the state of California had about 1M square feet of turf installed, and now has an estimated 50M square foot installed. This tremendous growth can be contributed to the vastly improved quality, the recognized environmental benefits, the cost savings that are being realized, and the lifestyle choices residents and commercial property owners are actively choosing.

When looking at these 2 leading factors, one can easily see that synthetic turf remains a lifestyle choice; artificial turf is here to stay and will continue to grow. It is a misconception to think that synthetic turf is only a drought alternative. Furthermore, with the added benefits of having a low maintenance year round, safe lawn or play area, more people are choosing synthetic turf to enhance the beauty and compliment their homes.